Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mushy chooses ...

Another Dreamer at An Unwanted Path.

It is my experience that if you have papers on a bed, a cat will choose to lie on the papers instead of a clear area of the bed. So I arranged pieces of paper with the entry names face down (even though Mushy can't read). He explored the papers for about 10 seconds and flopped down on one. Another Dreamer has won a custom made baby or toddler hat from Karen at The June Bride. But not the one pictured in my last post, because I couldn't resist it and bought it. I'm sure I can find someone to give it to, or maybe, just maybe ... I'll keep it.

Please stop by The June Bride's Etsy shop. She is doing an awesome thing right now. She's donating ALL HER PROFITS to local charities. She wrote this announcement on her Etsy page:

"As you know, the economy has fairly decimated the work force here in southeastern Michigan. I feel very fortunate that my life has largely been unaffected, but many friends and family are suffering unemployment and under-employment as a direct result. Charities are in desperate need and donations are down dramatically. I want to help, so as long as this note is here, 100% of my profits from sales on Etsy will be used as best I can to help alleviate the situation of local families in need. See my profile for more information. Thanks for your help!"

So, I bought the hat and decided my iTouch needed another case. Yes, my iTouch now has a little wardrobe. The quality of Karen's work is wonderful. So please click over there and buy a little something. (BTW, note to all you crafters, she has some lovely supplies listed, too.)

(Yes, there's a lot of cat hair on the blanket. My cats are kind enough to let me sleep in the bed with them.)


Kristin said...

Congrats to Another Dreamer.

I was looking at The June Bride's etsy shop. I think I am definitely going to need to buy the pattern for this hat once my tax return comes in. I also love her vintage buttons.

AnotherDreamer said...

Thank you Mushy and Dora! :)

Cara said...

Dora - you are the best! Check out my show and tell at the BHB site. Here's to you girl!