Friday, September 26, 2008

Update: Plan A, Plan B, and Plan B Version 2

Do you think it’s crazy to work on all plans at once? I think it actually makes me feel more peaceful.

Plan A. My gametes. Not working out so well. Woke up with my period yesterday morning. Hustled my ass out the door to the clinic. Cysts again. I really wasn’t surprised. Two, 13 and 17mms, I think. Even though the REs say it’s not likely, I’m not convinced that the birth control pills I took before this last cycle didn’t oversuppress me. So this time we’ll do nothing and hope they resolve. Maybe I’ll do an non-medicated IUI or home insem this month.

Plan B. Donor embies. I spoke to the woman with the 8 embies. They are at a clinic on the other side of the country. She insists they stay there. She gets to call the shots. She was surprised about the FDA issues, and told me I should speak to the coordinator at the clinic. She said she would call to give the woman a heads up. I got an email from her shortly after we spoke saying that the coordinator said she was aware of the FDA regs and that they were exempt. Hmmmm, that seems odd to me, but I will get clarification. The coordinator said I needed to call the new patient coordinator to set up a phone consult (which, thankfully, will be free). I have an appt for Oct. 6th. The time difference works out great. I can get home without rushing and take the call there. Dealing with drs’ calls at work has been a problem. I wish she were willing to have the embies shipped closer to me. Although, even if she were willing, those regs could be an obstacle.

This situation is so far from set. The donor will be in town visiting family in a few weeks and we will try to meet. I need to find out all sorts of info from the clinic. Who knows, this might not work for so many reason. I think she and I need to feel a certain comfort level with each other. Since we haven’t spoken at length yet, I have no idea what criteria she has for her decision. I want to see the egg and sperm donors’ profiles. There might be something there that I’m not okay with. Or it could be wonderful!

Plan B Version 2. My baby’s coming. I need to believe that. I’m clinging to that. Whether from my old ovaries, from this woman’s embryos, or from another source. Plan B Version 2 is still unknown. Since I am only in the beginning of discussion about these 8 embies, I am VERY open to talking to anyone else about their spare embies. I would like some sort of open donation, with some mutually agreed upon contact, so the children can know each other. My doctors feel confident my uterus can grow a baby. Could you be my donor?

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Kami said...

Good luck to you! May SOME plan come together soon.