Friday, September 26, 2008

Bus blogging

I’m on a bus. With WiFi!!!

I so needed a break. This process has been depressing. My mind is cluttered and so is my apartment. My apartment completely reflects my mental state at the moment. Not good. Lots of dust bunnies. Hard to relax and quiet my mind when my surroundings are chaotic.

When I was having my meltdown over the spilled meds, I was on the phone with my ex (we’re still close, long story), and he said he would give me $$ for more. So when trying to figure out if I could get away, I thought if he offered to help with that, how about some help for my mental health. I asked if he could loan me a little so I could get away for a few days, and that I didn’t know when I’d be able to pay him back (when I’m pg?). He was able to loan me enough to cover 2 nights in a hotel with the awesome deal I got on price1ine. So I am on a Bo1tbus to DC. Bo1tbus is a division of Greyh0und created to compete with all the Chinatown buses that go between NYC and DC and NYC and Boston. They are new buses with 2 rows removed for extra legroom and have outlets in the seatbacks, and WIFI!!! It was only about $10 more roundtrip than the other bus services, which can be dubious. I’ve never had a problem on those buses, but whenever I hear of an accident with buses on these routes, it’s always the Chinatown buses

Cool to be literally blogging from the road. The rain has stopped for the moment. I think the clouds and rain will be around for most of the weekend, but so what. This is about taking a break from my life and surroundings. I’m going to take long hot baths (my privilege, since my cycle was cancelled), go to a museum or two, browse some stores, but mainly chill. Maybe I’ll go to Lush in Georgetown and buy a bunch of bath fizzies, get a bottle of wine or something, and soak away some of the tension in my neck and shoulders. I love taking baths in nice hotels. Someone else scrubs the tub for you!! Woo hoo!


Cara said...

Oh Dora - you SOOOO needed a break. Good for you for going carpe diam, and just doing it!

Wine and a long hot bath with fizzies...delicious!Your baby IS coming, I'll believe it with you!

OH- BTW - portable blogging...very cool!

Kristine said...

Wow, blogging on a bus, that's pretty cool! Enjoy your mini vacation!