Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tree P0rn for Calliope

Calliope of Creating Motherhood has made a request for "tree p0rn."

Cali's definition of tree p0rn:
"And for those that may not know what I mean by that I will explain. You know how the trees in your backyard or neighborhood park suddenly change from green to red or yellow? The colors and display are so stunning and vibrant that they make you gasp like a hawt and dirty centerfold might? That is tree p0rn. And where I live it doesn’t happen."

It's too early here, but I have some cool night shots from last year.

For you Cali.

BTW, the lovely glow in the photos is from the street lights on my block. Oh, urban wilderness!


Cara said...

Dora - I'm on it! It's a little early here - but the trees will soon be blazing! I'll post them ASAP!

Aunt Becky said...

Beautiful. I need to get started on that project, too. Here from ICLW, and I'll pop back by another time.

Anonymous said...

thank you! those are stunning.
Can't wait to see what you get this season. you better share or I will hunt you down! bwha ha ha

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. *ILCW*

Bella said...

Gorgeous pics! Good luck with your upcomin IUI/IVF cycle. I am facing the strong possibility of using donor eggs, so I have already begun to research donors like you. Such a tough decision!

Shinejil said...

Damn, those trees are HOT!

Seriously, though, lovely leaves and lovely photos. Fall rules!

Anonymous said...

I haven't felt this aroused since I saw my rose bush bloom last spring. DANG!

I Believe in Miracles said...

The night light background is pretty cool.

Oh -- I tagged you. See my blog for details. :o)

Anonymous said...

Ohh those are pretty. Ours haven't turned yet. (ICLW)