Friday, February 13, 2009

Pay it Forward Fridays — Receiving is Giving

This week I’ve decided it’s my turn. I’m going to revel in all the love in my life, embrace it, and allow it to wash over me.

I also want to talk about the gift we give when we graciously allow others to give to us. A few months ago another blogger sent me an email saying she wanted to send me something for luck for my cycle. My initial reaction was to think I would email her back and say it was sweet, but not necessary. Well, duh! Of course it wasn’t necessary! That wasn’t the point. This sweet woman wanted to send me something to brighten my day during my IVF cycle. It would make her feel good to do so. I realized it would be wrong to deny her that pleasure. Her instincts were also spot on. The package arrived on a difficult day. Her gift made me smile and feel cared for.

I don’t know why it took me a while to realize this. I know this so well from the other side. I love choosing gifts for people. I love seeing their pleasure when I get it right. Why in the world would I deny that to someone else?

Then there’s the big gift. The gift of life. The gift of cells that contain so much possibility. While we know there is no guaranty, we hope that a little clump of cells will grow in my nice fluffy uterus. That a tiny heart will start to beat. That organs will form. That a healthy baby I’ve waited so long for will grow and grow and grow. Angrycanrn says I give her peace by accepting the gift of her embryos. As I’ve said before, the best way I can think of to honor that gift is to be the best mom I can be.

So, I guess what I’m really trying to say is THANK YOU ALL! And bring on the love. My heart and arms are wide open for you.


Michelle said...

I am glad you accepted it. You deserve it!

Brenda said...

Dora, you do so much for others, you deserve all the good things that come your way. I especially hope that you get the chance to be a mom :)

battynurse said...

You're welcome. And Brenda's right. You do so much for others and deserve so much in return.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.

Kristin said... are an amazing woman and I'm honored to call you my friend!

Bella said...

Dora, you are such a sweet person and spend so much time helping others, you totally deserve some love yourself! I know you are going to be such a great mommy and I can't wait to watch you do it! Sending you all the luck and love in the word for your upcoming cycle!

Anonymous said...

Your post says it all.

Thank you for helping to create this connection with me. And thank you for being the RIGHT person for this to happen with. I thank you for attempting to bring forth the gift of life. To have a child, parent them and help them become the best person they can be. The potential is immense. As are the rewards.

It is your turn. Accept the love and caring. And like you always do, pass that on.

Enjoy Toronto, sorry I can't be there.... but you have my advice re Tim Horton's.... so you should be all set.

My thoughts are with you and I'm feeling good about this cycle.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to pick your family.

Cara said...

Oh Dora - my mind just flashed back to your "letter". It's tone and your current one are just so oppositional! I'm so blessed to be reading these settled, calm, you-know-you-are-in-the-right-place posts only months after those other ones.

You deserve EVERY ounce of this love and generosity. xoxo

Shinejil said...

You have so much heart, Dora, even online, that it's no surprise that love comes zinging toward you like iron filings toward a magnet.

I'm so thrilled to hear that your lining looks perfect and cozy. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the thaw and transfer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dora, hope everything goes well tomorrow!

singletracey said...

just catching up.. triple stripe.. why do those two words bring such a smile to my face ! YEAH!!!


Anonymous said...

I know I don't comment over here much, but I think about you and I am SO pulling for you. All fingers and toes are crossed!

You deserve all the happiness and babydust in the world!

Mo said...

DORA - I believe you are off and on your way today! BIG POSITIVE THOUGHTS TO YOU! Please post (or email) and let us know how you are : )


decemberbaby said...

Dora ~ came over from the virtual lushary. I live in T.O., so if you're looking to kill some time this afternoon we could talk or meet up... my email is us at saraandterry dot com.

A n T said...

Here from LFCA: Good luck with your upcoming transfer. Sending all sticky vibes your way.