Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you been tossing and turning all night waiting for an update?

Oh, I guess that’s just Cara. ;-) I didn’t sleep well either, but for good reasons that I will write about separately. Those developments deserve their own post.

So, the news on Dora’s Egg Watch ’08 is that there’s really no news. I had a little spotting a few times yesterday, but often there was nothing (‘cept pee). No flow at all. The spotting is brownish, definitely not red. When I went to pee at 1am last night and had no spotting at all, I decided not to go into the clinic this morning. Yesterday was not day 1. Today, no spotting. A little cramping, but I’ve been eating crap, I could be a little backed up. I still really, really doubt that I’m … you know. Even if by some miracle I am, the miscarriage rate for 45 year old eggs is 50%. But as Donor Daddy said to me the other day, if the black man can win in a landslide, the 45 year old can get knocked up. Theoretically. Boy what a week it would be, Obama elected and single chick gets pregnant from a DIY insem with her gay friend’s spunk. What’s the world coming to? :-)

If there’s no flow by the end of my work day, maybe I’ll pick up a different brand of pee stick. What’s your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I always use First Response Early.

Good luck!

Billy said...

wanted actually to ask you for the colour of the blood. Brown or pinkish are another indicater of implantation (old blood). Red is usually not such a good sign..
Also, the flow is much much lighter than a regular period.
{how do I put a pressable link?}

I believe in you and your body, and I truly believe you are pregnant. But if I'm wrong, at the age of 45 it's not the end of the road, and you definetly can do it!