Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day 2008 — Yes we can!

I work in midtown Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue. I just went out to pick up some lunch and watched a little of the Veterans Day parade go by. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for our President-Elect.

Yes we can bring our soldiers home to their loved ones.

Yes we can do a better job of supporting our military families.

Yes we can provide top notch healthcare to all vets and their families, but particularly to the returning wounded.

I know there’s much more, but that’s just off the top of my hormone addled head.

After I brought my lunch back to my desk, I grabbed my camera and went back downstairs.

Love this one. Here's a close up.


Cara said...

"Yes We Can!" I think you found your new mantra and I, for one, LOVE IT!

We went to lunch too and they had a tv at the little place we picked. (the girls are off school today) Anyway, they were glued to it...not surprising since we don't have one - but I looked up and say the most amazing image. President Bush and President Elect Obama standing side by side. It was overwhelming!

Kristin said...

Wonderful pictures...thanks for the tribute.

Michelle said...

Great post and Great pictures!

Echloe said...

Yes we can! It is such a powerul sentance. Thanks for sharing your Veterans Day pictures. I'm glad they celebrate vets somewhere in this country. I feel like they are an afterthought sometimes where I live. Nothing happened around here today. Everyone just went to work as usual.

Brenda said...

Loooove the pictures, especially the last one. Couldn't be better: Yes We Can!

Virginia said...

great pics. thanks for posting.