Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's hear it for the girls!

Day 2 u/s and b/w today. My ovaries are cyst free for the first time since June (other than the cycle preceded by 2 weeks of bcps)!! Woo hoo!! I get to shoot up tonight!

This cycle is about closure me. The chances of it working are soooooooo low, but I want to give my poor old ovaries a chance at one full cycle. I also want to give Donor Daddy a fair shot at this. But going in to the clinic this morning felt so different than past day 2 visits. (Even before I got the good news that my ovaries looked pretty.) I'm not ambivalent about this cycle, but I'm relaxed. (OMG, sorry for using the "R" word!) I honestly don't think my relaxed state will have any effect on the outcome. Either my ovaries are going to give up a good egg this cycle or they won't. Just the reality of 45 year old oocytes.

This is all getting me closer to my goal. I feel it coming.


Anonymous said...

You know, relaxed is a good thing. Give it your best shot and then you will never have that doubt.

Good work, girls! Now lets get the action started!


Kristin said...

Whether it works or not...relaxed is a fabulous thing!

Billy said...

Yay for the cysts free ovaries!
Hope it does work this time, but if it doesn't, great to know that you have an option. And as others mentioned - it's great that you're relaxed!