Friday, January 2, 2009

Pay it Forward Fridays — Because it’s FUN!

I’m in waiting mode again. Due to the timing of my cycle and other logistics, I won’t be starting lupron for another few weeks. Looks like a mid February transfer. My way of coping? Step up paying it forward. Good distraction. And as I’ve said before it just feels good to do something unexpected for someone else.

So, this week a blogger who recently had a birthday, and is dealing with some very difficult things right now, will be receiving a present soon. I’ll leave it up to her if she wants to show it to all of you. I also found something special for Kristin’s secret project. Email her if you want the secret details.

Oh, not to be pushy or anything, but don’t forget that just a $5.00 donation to help Cara at Building Heavenly Bridges start up her support group for parents dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss with enter you in a drawing for a beautiful custom made hat from The June Bride. Read this post for details. Still going with the start of estrogen as the end date for the giveaway, so there’s some extra time for me to keep nagging for $5.00.


Kristin said...

I donated yesterday. Hehe, honestly, I had forgotten about your contest so this entry is an unexpected bonus.

AnotherDreamer said...

I donated tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be following along and hoping for good things for you in February! I need a buddy in all of this! <3