Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big, fat thighs!

My inseam split. From crotch to knee. AT WORK! I have no idea when it happened. I looked down and my big, white, pasty, left thigh was winking at me

Thankfully, I had another pair of pants (never worn) in my desk drawer that I wanted to take to my seamstress. (My seamstress, who worked from her apt., has disappeared. Phone disconnected. No answer at doorbell. DAMN!) They need hemming. I cuffed them and used double sided tape. And they are about 3 inches too big in the waist. That's how I have to buy them to get a decent fit in the hips and thighs. I am an hourglass. (For the moment.) They don't cut clothes for hourglass figures. (Said seamstress is so good at that, she can take in jeans and you can't tell! What will I do without her?) I suppose I shouldn't have the waist taken in. These could get through the first trimester.

In the meantime, the stress/holiday eating has not abated. My boss and I received this from one of our vendors.

We split the goodies. I got a few more goodies, because he wanted the basket. I just got rid of the basket from last year, using it for my BFF's baby shower gifts a few months ago. I don't need it. And honestly, even though it looks like a lot, it's so much wasteful packaging. Some of those packages contain 2 chocolates. But it is still a lot of munchies.

I'll lose weight during the first trimester from throwing up. Right?


Anonymous said...

I have the exact same problem you do finding pants & jeans to fit me. I just found the greatest thing ever - go to Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant or Catherine's and ask for their "Right Fit" pants and jeans. They have 3 cuts - straight (yellow tags), moderately curvy (red tags) and curvy (blue tags). The sizing is completely different so ask a salesperson to help you. I am a "blue" as I suspect you will be. I've bought just one pair of jeans so far, but they are the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. I LOVE them. They fit me perfectly. Try it, I think you'll be happy. They have regular slacks too.


Dora said...

Thanks, Kim. I know Lane Bryant is plus sizes. Are the other stores? I'm feeling very fat, but at most I'm still a 10 or 12 in pants (to fit my fatty thighs and childbearing hips).

Nikki said...

I used to have that problem, until I discovered low rise.

But woman - you're LUCKY for having an extra pair of pants at work!! I mean, I know I would have to run home with my thigh hanging out!

And I'm jealous of that goodie basket!!

AnotherDreamer said...

lol, maybe.

I have pants issues too. I get them to fit my waits, and they are always too long (or I'm too short?) and the back just sags because I have a flat bottom, lol. They certainly don't make pants for me either.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I have trouble too since my thighs are bigger than my waist.

I split pants while teaching once - fell on ice - and then I've split inseams more than once at work. I know have a spare pair of pants, shoes, socks, undies, fleece and a sweater at work "just in case."

Yummy goodies. Enjoy!!


Michelle said...

OMG that basket looks YUMMY!!!

princessoftides said...

I second the Lane Bryant "Right Fit" jeans! I'm a "red" size 2, so I'm thinking a size 1 might fit you. It's amazing - they don't gap and don't need to be shortened.

Enjoy the goodies :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for cracking me up!! That basket makes me crave chocolate... Hilarious that how you and your boss divvied it up.

Anonymous said...

Dora, Fashion Bug has regular sizes as well as plus size. All 3 stores are owned by the same company and they researched by measuring thousands of women to come up with the 3 different cuts. I wear a size 1 in the Lane Bryant or a 10 in the regular sizes at Fashion Bug. You would probably be in a smaller size than that. The salespeople are very good at figuring out what size would work for you.

And I agree what a stroke of luck you had extra pants at work. I would've been sneaking out to go home.


Malky B. said...

Wow what a gift basket.