Monday, December 15, 2008

Email update.

Thanks for all the feedback. I would ignore it, but we have a good mutual friend, so I will be seeing her. Also, as I said, I’ve done the ignore thing too much as I’ve been dealing with this. I don’t think the subtler suggestions would work. Too much denial about her own over 40 prospects. I like the link Bleu posted. Says pretty much the same thing as Tertia’s, but without all the snark that I enjoy so much, but which could backfire. I think an email like what Kristin and Areyoukiddingme said, with Bleu’s link could work. If not, then I’ll send the snarky link.

Yeah, info on egg quality is perfect just when I’m done with my eggs. Also, she should know that I’m a champion researcher. She had some major back issues a couple of years ago and I gave her some shit about just letting the drs do all these nerve blocks and such without doing some research and getting second opinions. Ever hear of arachnoiditis? Horrible and irreversible. Generally caused by spinal injections. Some drs love doing these injections. It doesn’t take much time, and insurance pays VERY well for it.


Kristin said...

Good luck Dora!

areyoukiddingme said...

I'm glad you decided to address the issue. I think many of the problems we have in this world are due to avoidance - if everyone were straightforward, there would be fewer misunderstandings. Of course, some people are deliberately obtuse, and you can't do anything about them.

Congrats on your egg donation! That's awesome news and I hope everything works out exactly as you hope!