Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on meeting with maybe donor

I think it went well. It's hard to tell. We met at a park and talked for a while before her parents and son joined us. Interestingly, we both arrived at the SMC decision in similar ways, TTC within a relationship with someone who wasn't completely on board, then trying on our own, but realizing that we were likely too late for our eggs. She absolutely understands wanting the getting pregnant part to be OVER! She asked how I planned to deal with being a single mom. (My least favorite question after "why don't you just adopt?" But I guess in her case, it's a fair question.) I explained that I hope to negotiate working at least some of the time from home, explaining how workable I know it would be, and I told her about my support system of family and friends. I explained to her that my reasons for wanting an open donation were not for me, but for my child. I want my child to have as much information as possible about how he/she came to be. In this case, it would take 4 people (+ doctors) to bring my child into the world. Talk about "takes a village!"

Then her parents and son arrived at the playground. Her son took to me very quickly. (Not a surprise to me.) Soon we were running around the playground playing "chase mommy" and "chase Dora." I would let him catch and tickle me. What a great boy! Super smart. Mommy chose very smart donors. I really hope that seeing me connect with her boy will convince her help me be mommy to his genetic brother or sister.

I did manage to keep my emotions in check at the time. Now, of course, when I think of him tickling me, I tear up.

Meanwhile, it's day 18 and I haven't surged. (Before this past June, I always surged between days 12-14.)


Kristin said...

Good luck Dora. I'm pulling for you.

Niki said...

Dora, it sounds like things went really well! I can not imagine her not selecting you to be the mommy to her son's brother/sister. Best wishes!

(BTW ... I posted a blog about the gift you sent me and linked it to your blog!)

Deb said...

Sounds like a good meeting!

Meg said...

Sounds like it went very well. Good luck!